Our Ingredients


Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar buy and use the freshest, top quality ingredients [locally sourced where possible] on a daily basis and display them, so that we are all sure of how good what you’re going to eat is.

Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar are also very aware of nutritional facts. So you can choose among whole-wheat noodles, rice noodles, whole grain rice and vegetarian option as well as egg noodles, and jasmine rice as a base for your wok.

To the best of Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar knowledge Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar food are GM free and use no Monosodium Glutamate [MSG].

Know Your Noodles!

EGG NOODLES are thin, yellow and spaghetti-like

RICE NOODLES are wafer thin, only a centimetre wide and wheat free

UDON NOODLES are thick, Japanese wheat noodles

Our Cooking


Wok cooking is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. It preserves the vitamins, nutrients and texture of fresh ingredients. Entertaining you is one of our goals, but the real story behind our wokists’ funky moves is that by shaking the wok constantly, they need less oil. They don’t dance with fire just to awe you, but because that way every single vitamin, mineral and fibre remains in your dish!

Once your order is taken it is freshly prepared and cooked immediately in front of your eyes. Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar do not cook in advance and/or re-heat and/or keep warm in ovens or the like. As each dish is cooked it is served straight away for ultimate freshness, which means that individual meals may be served at different times. It is handy to bear this in mind when you are ordering or eating as part of a group. Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar would prefer our customers wait for their food, rather than their food wait for them.

If you have any particular dietary requirements your server will be happy to assist you.