We’re everywhere!!!

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This is our man!!!

Look out for our China Man Kitchen and Bar chef. When you see this character you know you’re guaranteed, fresh, nutritious, healthy divine food. He is our symbol of quality. Look for out for it wherever you go. Please note our chefs may look a little different in real life!!!

Its on Fire!!!

We’ve had a leading chefs in to design the menu, and now they have been cooking up a culinary storm, this food is so delicious it’s too hot to handle. And that’s not just the wok!!!!! We’ve had some celebrity guests down to try, the feedback is hot hot hot hot hot they all love it. We love it. You will too.

Exciting News!!!

Our custom made catering truck has arrived in Lagos. After two years in the making, on the design, ensuring every aspect is fully kitted out, high end and just awesome.

We’ll be making you fresh, tasty, healthy and nutritious food very soon. We know you can’t wait.

Next stage testing the menu in our new bespoke mobile catering facility.