“Feeling hungry? Then you’ve come to the right place!”

Welcome to Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar ™. Let us tell you a little about what we do and who we are.

Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar is owned and operated as a trading name by Cheeky Chappie Ltd. We are a

casual and friendly noodle bar providing an exciting and unique new option for diners who love Oriental food.

Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar are picky. We know you are too. At Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar we are passionate about great food, so Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar have created a pan-Asian inspired menu serving fresh, highquality meals prepared using the finest ingredients for you to enjoy. It’s an all-day, everyday informal “neighbourhood” affair offering cooked-to-order individually tailored meals at affordable prices. So whether you’re eating in, taking out or having it delivered … Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar is the ideal place to eat for anyone who loves good food.

Chinaman’s Kitchen & Bar service, is based on the highest standards of food safety and customer service, is fast and friendly and built on a simple formula – we employ great people; we use fresh wholesome

ingredients; and we cook-to-order each dish by the searing effects of traditional wok stir frying.